The torn photograph




Zero Assoluto

Alan Zeni for Zero Assoluto: take away to show more.

A photographic collage of tears, to tell the story of the artists from all possible angles: their faces and hands, their grimaces and tensions, their movements on stage, the adrenaline of the pre-concert, the relaxed smiles afterwards.

Torn photography is the language that Alan Zeni has invented to literally tear conventional photography to shreds. To tell the story of artists and their art with a new slant.


“I print the photos, they stay with me for a while. In my hand, on the floor, on the wall. Then I tear them down. I remove everything that is already known. Everything that steals attention from fragility, from truth. In the end everything remains that I find interesting, that was given to me in those moments of sincerity. To recognise and recognise oneself with different eyes.”

Alan Zeni

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