Project Management

We start with customers’ inputs and needs and provide our creative solutions. We build meaningful building blocks for brand communication, elements that emphasize the unique selling proposition with innovation. We internalize the DNA of companies and then engage the right artists to tell their story, creating projects that go beyond individual illustrations or sounds.

Talent Management

Even the best talent needs to be supported. We do this with intuition and perseverance, working hard to enhance the strategic and distinctive positioning of each artist. We put energy, structure and professionalism into project conception, value proposition, contract and license signing, operational execution and reporting. We guide artists in the full manifestation of their creativity, turning it into winning business projects.

Our Target Audience

Each company that seek a distinctive element in the conception, realization and promotion of a product or service. We help companies to understand and exploit the infinite potential of illustration and sound, developing solutions and projects that enable them to stand out, compete and evolve in their target market. We propose illustration and sound as a driver of innovation, functionality and business.




Yoonik nurtures talent and implements valuable projects by providing you with order, energy and professionalism. If you want to collaborate with us, get in touch!

    Are you a BUSINESS?

    Do you want to understand and leverage the infinite potential of illustration? Get in touch! Together we can develop solutions and projects that will enable you to stand out, compete and evolve in your target market.