Temperature Festival




Avanzi, Casa del Parco Adamello

From June 16th to June 18th 2023, in front of Italy’s largest glacier, Yoonik and Casa del Parco dell’Adamello organized TEMPERATURE, the first Italian festival where illustration meets the climate crisis.

During the festival, some artists from all over Italy were called upon to ally themselves and imagine new ways of inhabiting this Earth, based on caring for territories, humanity and the planet. Sounds, colors and images populated the Casa del Parco Adamello and the surrounding village for three days, where even the walls came to life.

Many different hands traced trajectories, real and imagined, to claim climate justice, social wellbeing and environmental sustainability; to draw the impact of climate change on our lives and on the dynamics of development in the mid-mountain region.


We opened ACT NOW!, the exhibition by Gianluca Costantini and CLIMATE CHANGE WARRIORS, in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna and Università Cattolica di Milano.

“The days at Temperature were special, a quiet, relaxed festival but full of intense appointments. Surrounded by the mountains and the glacier, one could realize how precarious and impending the climatic situation is”, Costantini told us.

In the evening, there was an acoustic guitar and vocal concert by Tia Airoldi and dinner organized by the Casa del Parco, with local products and beer from the Camune region.


We opened DISPACCI DAL 2050, an exhibition in collaboration with Welcome ADV.

RECYCLED ART curated by Alan Zeni brought some installations made of recycled materials to the Festival.

In his words: “Like every first time, it was exciting, curious and special. The famous ‘I was there’ feeling. I felt part of a beginning. facing a thousand paths and as many questions. And where there are questions there are possibilities. If it had been a Kiss… like the first Kisses never remain alone but are always unique”.

The afternoon featured Zeus!, a mutant magazine, with a hot reading on the temperatures of our planet; the talk The climate crisis exists, it’s not a unicorn with the illustrator and activist cartoonist Alterales and the talk Eco-minimalism: the first step to true sustainability with eco-narrator and green influencer Elisa Nicoli; both talks were moderated by Giulia Baldan.

On Saturday evening it was finally time for CREATIVE PARTICLES OF AN ELECTRONIC STORY, a performance of electronic music and live drawings with performer and composer Cattaneo and illustrator Roby il Pettirosso.

“Playing in the presence of Italy’s largest glacier inside the small deconsecrated church in the Casa del Parco di Cevo reminded me of the need to claim climate justice, social welfare and environmental sustainability. The analogue synths and audio cassettes dialogued with Roby Il Pettirosso and his wonderful live drawings” Cattaneo told us. “I had a special experience, where the depth of the dialogue between me and the illustrations, between me and the territory surpassed my own music. An amplification of sensations, not just sounds. Forever is in our hands and we can already hear it.”

Roby Il Pettirosso added: “It was a beautiful experience full of suggestions due to the wonderful location surrounded by nature that allowed us to work with serenity. Moreover, when you perform with professionals like Paolo Cattaneo, the immersion in what he does is total and allows you to express your art at the highest level.”

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The day began with Pollaz and her DISEGNA LA NATURA workshop, dedicated to illustration and recycling and aimed at children and adults.

A final talk addressed the theme of THE LEAST EFFORT, moderated by Giulia Baldan and starring blogger and writer Nicolò Targhetta, accompanied by live painting by Roby il Pettirosso.

Finally, the inauguration of RICOMINCIARE, a pro-Emilia Romagna exhibition on display until the end of July at the Casa del Parco Adamello. 20 Italian illustrators donated illustrated works for a charity sale, the proceeds of which were donated to “La Vecchia Faenza”, a small workshop that makes majolica decorated in the traditional Faenza style and that was unfortunately destroyed in the emergency that hit the region.”

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