A land to be discovered by covering ourselves.

Diaridibrodo welcomes us into his very personal world of soft love and the discovery of that feeling we should feel first toward ourselves, then toward others.

Our life is a mix of adventurous episodes as well as tedious experiences.

Boredom, anger, excitement, elation, despair, resignation, jubilation, tribulation. All states of mind that we find ourselves experiencing in the course of our day, even several times.

Wouldn’t it be nice, once in a while, to be able to press the “pause” button and escape into a parallel world where the only activity allowed is to relax?

Relaxing with our eyes closed. Relaxing with your eyes open. Relaxing with one eye closed and one eye open. Relaxing with your head down. Relaxing with your head up. Relaxing without your head. Whatever, you know, you get the idea. A place where worries, anguish and stress are wrapped in a soft embrace.

This is Piumonia: a world of love. Love first toward ourselves, then toward others.

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