Diari di Brodo






#humor #storytelling #millennial


Advertising, Animation, Cartoon, Comic, Digital, Digital Technique, Editorial, Food, Gif, Illustration, Lifestyle, Live Performance, Political, Social Media Content

She lives illustration with spontaneity: she draws and writes sublimating these two art forms and creating content that is simple in its presentation, but sharp and impactful in its message. Hers is clearly colourful, fun, unpredictable, sometimes irreverent world.

Breaking down barriers, crossing the real and the fantastic is the magical power of my illustration in this world. A world that is chaotic and satirical: it amuses while giving me great freedom in shaping my thoughts. But above all a world that entertains those who follow me.

Diari di Brodo was born in 2020 as a sketchbook of doodles made on the train to rework some experiences of the day, later as an Instagram profile.

Today it is art and illustration, one of Martina’s two souls dedicated to the most extravagant content and sardonic columns.

The key element for those who seek amusement in illustration but also for those who have to deal with sensitive topics, but wish to do so by approaching the target users in a delicate way, first of all by wringing a smile from them.

Diari di Brodo gives us simple, spontaneous but reasoned copy, her vibrant and colorful stroke, to create truly authentic and spontaneous content.

Illustration becomes language and connection with the user. A different way, one that sometimes makes us laugh out loud, to address everyday issues that we share or taboo subjects.

And immediately we feel part of the same world, we feel understood. Finally seen, in the magic of what might seem to be just a digital graphic line.



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