Il regalo più bello





The concept of the campaign we proposed to Deliveroo is based on the idea that the best gift you can give (and receive) at Christmas is something to eat in a moment of conviviality and sharing. A gift you don’t have to keep the receipt for, a gift you don’t change.


The best gift is always the same, but at the same time it is always different: there are many different types of cuisine that can be ordered on Deliveroo and enjoyed together.

The interpretation of the campaign message is entrusted to the illustrations: each of them will tell about a different cuisine and the experience with the Deliveroo app service, with the right dose of irony and fun.


Diari di Brodo, Lineadaria, Giulia Rosa and Adry De Martino: these are the four illustrators from the Yoonik roster involved in creating Deliveroo’s social campaign for Christmas.

Each of them interpreted the concept according to their own style and irony. The illustrations then came to life thanks to the animations of Pumpkins Graphics, artist and motion graphic designer of the Yoonik roster.

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An idea that becomes reality through illustration.

Four original and memorable interpretations, to communicate to everyone in an ironic and immediate way. But that’s not all: from this collaboration, in fact, an opportunity for all the illustrators of the roster to meet.

The Yoonik Residency is indeed a unique moment of sharing and quality: the November 2022 edition, powered by Deliveroo, allowed us to create an original moment of conviviality in the full spirit of Christmas. The event was narrated by a video reel and a gallery of shots: content shared by both the client and Yoonik on their social channels.

Deliveroo Italia is a marketplace that connects three actors: customers, restaurants and supermarkets, and riders. The main objective of this connection is to facilitate an unforgettable shopping experience by offering fast and reliable delivery, which the customer can follow step by step from their smartphone.


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