Generatori di Cambiamento




Avanzi, Casa del Parco Adamello

When illustration meets a project and amplifies its communicative power.


Generatori di Cambiamento was the first campus created and designed by Avanzi in this unique location.

From the 29th of September to the 2nd of October 2022, it saw the involvement of professionals, researchers, local inhabitants, designers and planners from all over Italy, engaged in the construction of processes and perspectives capable of reactivating spaces in the ‘middle mountain’.

Four days of workshops, a moment of great confrontation on these themes and the participation of the illustrator Mattia Riami, who recounted with his stroke the set of emotions experienced during those days and the great ideas that arose from the synergies created.


Mattia Riami imagined, organized and created a series of artistic activities at different times during the event:

the creation of some illustrations, directly on his graphic tablet, which being connected to a screen allowed a visual approach during the seminar and workshop, helping participants to visualize and fix the key concepts that emerged during these very intense moments of sharing and connection.

A pencil drawing session, en plein air, during the morning walk, to recount the moments, locations and protagonists of the various stages. A truly original way of conveying the great emotion of those moments.

A special workshop, directed by him, in which he allowed the campus participants to discover monotype and try it out for themselves. An encounter with art, up close, which created even greater team bonding.


The artist’s illustrations finally became unique visual content for social media communication, promotional materials such as bookmarks, postcards and stickers, and became a special diary dedicated to the House.

An artistic, different, engaging way of dealing with very important issues that really deserve to be listened to deeply.

The Casa del Parco Adamello is a place for community, meeting and discussion on mountain culture, a space for territorial promotion where paths can be built to enhance local potential and resources. It is a project of Avanzi Discover, a benefit company wholly owned by Avanzi РSostenibilità per Azioni, which proposes initiatives, programmes and projects that promote territorial regeneration and uplift local resources and energies through the activation of spaces.


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