Creativity and technology with Microsoft Surface





ScombinAnto attended the exclusive event for the presentation and launch of Surface, Microsoft‘s new device, held on November 16, 2023 in Milan, Italy.

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“To create this artwork, I had the privilege of trying out a preview of the brand new Surface Laptop Studio 2, an innovative device that transforms from a laptop to a tablet with a simple gesture.

I am that kind of person that is always on the move and this device’s versatility proved extremely useful: sketching the draft in my favorite coffee shop, taking advantage of the tablet mode, biking to the studio and send proposals to the client, using the convenient Laptop Studio 2 workstation.

During the event I had the opportunity to talk about my experience in the field of creativity and how technology has greatly facilitated and speeded up the process over the years. Creativity and technology, two worlds that could seem very distant one from another but that can actually be great allies!

What about your creative process?
How does technology affect your day?”

– ScombinAnto

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