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ScombinAnto is Antonio Colomboni‘s alter ego on the web. A nickname that represents him in his entirety since, as he declares, despite his messy life, he manages to keep everything together. He is a pop, contemporary artist with an energetic and colorful stroke.

I have been an illustrator since 1983. Even as a child, I used to spend hours sitting quietly in my world drawing. I think I was born with this passion. It is a gift, something that comes naturally to me, something I can best express myself with.

His images are explosive, colorful and direct. ScombinAnto is an artist who truly embraces creative chaos. His style is defined by marked lines and striking color palettes. His works mix shapes and tones in a playful way. From distorted geometry to intricate patterns, the artist creates works that defy expectations and invite the eye to explore the unconventional.

His creativity feeds on contrasts, both chromatic and conceptual. Vibrant colours merge into compositions that capture the energy of experimental art. The artist’s approach to illustration is a celebration of the spontaneous creative process in which everything inspires him and encourages him to step out of the ordinary; at the same time, it is his medium of choice to engage and positively provoke his audience.



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