Serena Gianoli


#colorpop #digital #geometric


Advertising, Business, Conceptual, Corporate, Design, Digital, Editorial, Graphic, Icons, Illustration, Mural, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Technology

Serena has been drawing since she was a child: there is always room in her backpack for markers and a sketchbook. She lives illustration almost like a meditation. The tone of voice of her works is emotional, she makes people recognise themselves in them.

I live illustration in an intense way, just as intense are the representations of a reality that I try to break down and convey. Also thanks to colour, a distinctive and amplifying feature of the message contained in the work.

Coming from the world of comics, she is fond of the pencil sketch and the first expression of ideas on paper. Although she prefers black in her outfits, colors are never lacking in her works. Color is vibrant and indispensable: it gives the illustration a certain atmosphere, enhances its value and helps in the interpretation of the theme. Yellow has always been the predominant colour, flanked by blue and red’.

Her style is constantly evolving, the result of deep contamination and reworking. To draw, she is inspired by nature. Before starting to draw, she observes her surroundings and by connecting to a deeper dimension, she begins to sketch ideas and emotions. Geometric figures are often present, taking inspiration from De Chirico and Depero.



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