Martina Filippella


#popart #iconic #pattern


Advertising, Beauty, Contemporary, Design, Fashion, Food, Icons, Illustration, Lifestyle, Live Performance, Magazine, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Social Media Content, Store & Sets

Containing Martina’s energy, imagination and creativity is definitely impossible. This is precisely why we also find her in a more institutional (but no less authentic) guise as an artist and an illustrator.

Illustration has allowed me to experiment, to find myself and find myself again. To give space and free expression to my irony, my most successful and interesting key to not taking things too seriously, to tone down the situations and messages I share.

Where’s the party? Here, of course.

Martina’s illustrations are characterized by a cheerful and festive nature: loud colors, lots of energy and a ban on straight lines.

Her drawn characters are recognizable by the few essential strokes, the volumes, the general flamboyant, flashy and musical (very loud) touch. The tone of his voice is pervaded by a playful, sometimes childish, slightly mischievous spirit. Definitely irresistible.

Hers is a conspicuously POP imagery in which neon colors in flat, opaque and saturated shades, graphic ideas borrowed from the 90s, details to be searched for in the most hidden corners, all shaken with the freshness and that carefreeness that belongs to youth, are the main features. A perfect style to get noticed, colorful and ironic, where there is no room for minimalism.



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