Marina Ester Castaldo


#landscapes #mindfulness #abstractshapes


Conceptual, Design, Editorial, Family, Illustration, Magazine, Nature, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Travel, Wall Art

Her illustrations are about freedom, spontaneity and many colors that she does not choose rationally, but which are recalled by the emotions that guide her in the creative process. Marina creates small worlds that welcome the user and accompany him on a journey of continuous discovery, detail after detail.

I was born and raised in Naples, the folklore, the colours, the people, the atmosphere in general, are all elements that still influence my way of illustrating. I am fascinated by nature, everyday life and emotions that we often do not show out of fear.

Illustration is her way of giving shape and color to emotions. They allow her to be spontaneous and direct, to live in her cheerful corner, even when it is dark outside. An apparent chaotic nature in the drawing is actually a celebration of her inner world. Her illustrations are light-hearted and direct: they depict imaginary worlds and are rich in details, shapes and colors. A riot of joy.

Il suo pubblico viene attratto e rapito dalle ambientazioni che disegna e che descrive attraverso questi infiniti dettagli; è un pubblico variegato che ama le sue opere e le sensazioni che queste donano. La sua arte ben si presta a tanti tipi di supporti, analogici e digitali. Dalle cover dei magazine, ai puzzle, fino ad arrivare agli articoli stationary, non c’è limite alla sua creatività.

Her audience is attracted and enraptured by the settings she draws and describes through these infinite details; it is a diverse audience that loves her works and the feelings they give. Her art lends itself well to many types of media, analogue and digital. From magazine covers and puzzles to stationary, there is no limit to her creativity.



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