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Her shapes are soft and sinuous, harmonious; the concepts she conveys, strong and disruptive. They are opposites that attract and draw us in, gluing us to the illustration, eager to discover all its details, even the most hidden ones.

Illustration gives form to what I think, it arrives where Machiavellian and chaotic words do not reach. It is an everyday choice, a way of simplifying and conveying concepts with strength and immediacy.

Alessandra, aka Luchadora, chose this name inspired by Mexican wrestlers, in whom she recognizes her gritty and strong character. She is very attached to social issues and woman’s figure; it is these that ignite her desire to communicate through illustration. Drawing for her is very intimate. She believes that through illustration one can get an important concept across to people in an extraordinarily simple way.

Luchadora expresses very important concepts with strength and irony. She likes to use white, black and yellow, but also experiments and seeks harmony in the choice of colours. The shapes in her works are her hallmark: excessive, round and sinuous, they fill the space and give a feeling of well-being.



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