Katia Boarino






#geometric #pattern #motiongraphic


Animation, Business, Conceptual, Corporate, Design, Editorial, Graphic, Icons, Logo, Maps, Motion Graphic, Mural, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Technology, Wall Art

Through experiments, she researches and recreates her art, with a very identifiable stroke and a design defined down to the smallest detail. Her illustration making is still very much in evolution; her artistic research finds correspondence in the active search for her place in the world.

My training is planning and design, the approach to illustration, on the other hand, came towards the end of my studies, as a self-taught artist. Everything inspires me, everything intrigues me, but above all I look to Malika Favre for the use of colours and Ray Oranges for the geometry of shapes.

Her style is minimalist, very geometric and thought-out. Her illustrations are conceptual and elegant. She designs digitally and in grids before creating the work: her training in this field guides her. Although the basis is a meticulous study of colors and shapes, there is a good dose of unexpected creativity; the choice to resort to geometry is effective in revealing the feelings of the human soul, which Katia investigates in its different facets and emotions.

Nelle sue opere sperimenta e alterna motivi floreali e naturali, lavorando con uno stile ben definito e riconoscibile, fatto di simmetria e linee sottili che catturano lo sguardo e trasmettono una sensazione di quiete. Tutto questo è poi enfatizzato e reso unico dalla pulizia delle forme e dagli accostamenti cromatici.



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