Jacopo Sacquegno


#visualthinking #scribbling #corporate


Book, Business, Corporate, Editorial, Infographics, Lettering, Live Performance, Magazine, Maps, Technology

For all intents and purposes, his is a language that counteracts cognitive overload, a method to make any content more engaging, digestible and effective.

I sketch and draw maps to unravel skeins of thoughts, words, data and information.

Jacopo is a molecular biologist and has always had a passion for drawing and visualisation in the broadest sense: he discovered the world of Visual Thinking by chance, and despite not seeing a real professional outlet in this field, he made it his job. Science, language and illustration together: Jacopo is truly an extraordinary Visual Thinker.

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Jacopo’s is to all intents and purposes a creative language that helps process ‘information overload’. Visualization allows visual synthesis, simplification of concepts and communicative effectiveness. Jacopo creates sketches, doodles or large illustrated visual maps: he creates static boards and videos to narrate and simplify the information that needs to reach the viewer.



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