Giulia Rosa






#sensuality #femininity #zodiac


Animation, Beauty, Book, Contemporary, Editorial, Exhibition, Fashion, Figurative, Gif, Illustration, Magazine, Travel

In the harmony of a pure and nostalgic stroke lies the power of a message that truly fulfils its communicative function. And it does so by provoking, urging, activating the viewer who then becomes part of this process.

Illustrating for me is cathartic. A necessity, before being a will. I also draw in my breaks from work, always, everywhere. Illustration is the tool of choice to manage my stream of consciousness, even anxiety, which in the magic of my stroke even becomes ironic.

Her stroke is delicate and elegant, never aggressive, even if the message contained can be very provocative. Retro character and great capacity for synthesis are her focal points. She likes to play with styles and palettes: hers is particularly eclectic. She always draws digitally and draws inspiration from different figures: from the classics of surrealism, such as Magritte and the Nouvelle Vague, to vintage style.

She likes to get intimate with the subjects she illustrates, mainly relationships, mental health, emotions, and this has allowed her to build a close-knit community, especially on Instagram. This is the social media to which she devotes the most content and attention, and she has created many communication formats, some of which are very popular today.



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