Gianluca Costantini






#activism #graphicjournalism #portraits


Book, Caricature, Comic, Contemporary, Cultural Diversity, Editorial, Exhibition, Illustration, Magazine, Maps, Political, Portrait

Freedom, but also human rights advocacy, activism and global civil battles are elements that characterize the work of Gianluca Costantini, artist, activist and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. A talent for making information by drawing, sharing a point of view by illustrating.

I like to illustrate the world and all its facets: from politics to sports, from everyday life to architecture, everything feeds my thirst for knowledge, everything guides my stroke. I imprint, by illustrating, concepts and feelings that must not be lost.

Gianluca is an activist artist who has been fighting his battles through drawing for years. Illustration according to his vision is even more powerful: it is the representation of the world and its archiving. Even from a first glance, his works do this: they draw us into a reworking of concepts, important issues, opinions, leading us to question our thinking and thus causing it to evolve.

His stroke derives from a calligraphic research of the sign. With an unmistakable style, his drawings are often politically motivated stories characterized by a journalistic approach typical of graphic journalism, a continuous denunciation and investigation of reality seen and interpreted through the lens of art.



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