Fernando Cobelo


#visualmetaphor #unicità #minimalismo


Advertising, Business, Conceptual, Cultural Diversity, Design, Editorial, Exhibition, Food, Illustration, Magazine, Packaging, Product

His gaze is attentive, his stroke is unmistakable. Illustration is full connection with his way of being. He turns words into images because he knows he has a task: to communicate.

Illustration has no limits, neither language nor time. By illustrating I am able, as with no other medium, to create an emotional bridge with those who look at my works.

Fernando is distinguished by powerful concepts with a nostalgic nature. He turns words into images and, through visual metaphors, conveys messages that can be reinterpreted based on the stories of the viewer. The theme of home, displacement, and adaptation often recurs in his works: his great sensitivity to the world around him emerges in these contents.

Why did I choose illustration? Because I feel that there is no end to what I could learn. There will always be a technique I won’t have tried, a client I won’t have worked with, a subject I won’t have illustrated yet. It is so stimulating that I know I will never get bored.



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