Elisa Lanconelli


#landscapes #travels #illustratedphotography


Advertising, Business, Digital, Family, Nature, Photo, Realistic, Social Media Content, Store & Sets, Travel

lllustration and photography merge in her works to such an extent that they cannot be distinguished from each other. Drawing on a deeper feeling, they create an unprecedented creative content: an enriched version of Elisa’s reality, combining her photographic eye and her decisive yet delicate stroke.

I have always needed to draw and wanted to represent what was in my mind. It seemed to me that combining what I saw with what I felt inside could be a great way of communicating. Without words, with depth.

Her style is characterized by hard lines, although over time she has tried to make the stroke softer to align it with what she wanted to convey: beauty. Elisa take picutures and then draws on them, adding details and elements to what is present in reality. The result is an evolved version of what she captures with the image: it is her personal vision, creative, vibrant and unexpected.

Elisa, a construction engineering graduate, one morning while studying for her exams and making herself a cup of coffee, thought maybe she should have dipped into that cup to really wake up. So, by chance, she took a photograph of the coffee cup and drew herself inside it. In this unexpected way, her career as an illustrator was born. Over time she has developed and her style has evolved, but the combination of her passions now offers the possibility of a very special creative content.



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