Chiara Varotto


#texture #women #elegance


Book, Children's Book, Editorial, Family, Figurative, Illustration, Packaging, Product

Chiara has no memories of her without a pencil in her hand. Her love for illustration is visceral. Her path is analogue: only later did she approach the digital world. For her, illustration is a profound expression of herself.

Capturing the infinite nuances that reality and dreams offer us, I draw and enchant by juxtaposing what is tangible with what is more intangible.

Chiara loves traveling: it has always been an inspiration for her illustrations. When she travels her head fills with colors, ideas, emotions and suggestions; each cue helps her to create a deeper visual imagery. Before starting to draw, Chiara imagines well what she is going to illustrate and only afterwards does she jot down ideas. She thinks, imagines, creates: each brief is a perimeter within which to express herself.

Her stroke is characterized by these iconic characters, with thick hair, who speak an almost dreamlike language. She uses a lot of colors, meticulously. She studies space well, the balance of elements within each drawing; according to Chiara, composition is fundamental. Textures become the backdrop for her illustrations: the lines are soft and sinuous, there is a play of solids and voids. A rhythm.



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