Camilla Falsini


#colorpop #geometric #murals


Animal, Conceptual, Design, Editorial, Exhibition, Graphic, Illustration, Magazine, Mural, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Urban, Wall Art

Camilla is an artist and illustrator from Rome. Her work is characterized by clear lines, stylized and minimal shapes and strong colors. She ranges from editorial illustration to large wall paintings, from design objects, to books for adults and children.

I am a tireless explorer, visual art is an endless field of creative possibilities. My style, geometrically archetypal, strips away mimicry and leads me to rediscover essential forms within rigid lines and uniform, bright colours, in what is a kind of psychochromatism: everything is a field of colour, it is suggestion.

Her style is essential and immediate, without unnecessary frills. Her works are populated with enigmatic and symbolic beings, we find metaphors and archetypes, primordial images that draw from distant worlds, from the Middle Ages and from great artists such as Depero and Munari. Symbolism and the theory of evolution are the main themes of her research. Often her figures are huge and at their feet are small architectures in the foreground. A perspective on reverse, a bit like in Egyptian art.

Her characteristic stylized figures fit perfectly into the urban landscape. Throughout her career, she has used her distinctive style to leave a lasting impression on the urban landscape through her public art installations.



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