Beppe Conti






#collage #vintage #conceptual


Animation, Book, Children's Book, Collage, Design, Editorial, Family, Live Performance, Magazine, Packaging, Papercut, Store & Sets, Wall Art

Particularly fascinated by the unconscious and the oneiric, his illustrations are distinguished by the feelings of wonder and amazement they arouse. They prompt viewers to explore new worlds and question the deeper meaning of things. The exotic settings then add a touch of magic and mystery to his works.

Exploring the world of emotions, dreams and inner experiences is a great way to create deep connections with the audience. I like to immerse myself in surreal and metaphysical universes, where reality is mixed with imagination and mystery.

His style is based on the digital collage technique with strong influences from surrealism. A skillful and creative remix where, using existing elements, Beppe creates new images.

In his work he mixes many elements from different sources and historical periods, creating unexpected connections and surprising combinations. This assemblage process allows the artist to challenge conventional reality and create images that evoke a sense of wonder. With his style he tries to convey to the audience a feeling of surprise, discovery and reflection between reality and imagination.



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