Andrea De Santis


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Advertising, Animation, Beauty, Conceptual, Contemporary, Corporate, Design, Digital, Editorial, Food, Illustration, Magazine, Packaging, Product, Technology, Wall Art

Andrea De Santis artist status is defined by complexity and nuances: he is characterized by a great sensitivity, and his illustration is a unique form of communication, a bridge between thoughts and images, which aims to share clear and elegant messages. His artistic style is a combination of surrealism and minimalism, characterized by richly detailed scenarios and rarefied atmospheres. His favorite themes include ecology and science.

For me, illustration is a way of communicating with the world, a medium that goes beyond spoken or written words. It is interesting to hear the countless interpretations that people give to my images, interpretations that go far beyond what I would have expected.

Its isometric style is a combination of minimalism and an explosion of details, where elements are concentrated in a microcosm that condenses the topics covered. The color palette is not over-saturated, and elegance and clarity of message are essential elements. Andrea De Santis inserts each element carefully, thinking about its function and not just for compositional purposes, giving the viewer many reading possibilities.

Andrea De Santis is an illustrator born with an innate passion for visual art. After a successful career as a graphic and product designer in various industries, he realized his dream of devoting himself completely to illustration. His favorite motto, attributed to Erasmus of Rotterdam, reflects his philosophy of life: “In every activity, passion greatly reduces the difficulties.”



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