Alan Zeni






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Animation, Business, Corporate, Design, Editorial, Family, Fashion, Food, Gif, Illustration, Lettering, Live Performance, Mural, Packaging, Photo, Product, Production, Sculpture, Store & Sets, Tattoo, Travel

An absolutely transversal person on an artistic level, a unique vision and approach somewhere between irreverence and revolution.

Experimenting and discovering what I can do with my body without the help of anything else creates curiosity in me. In life, curiosity is fundamental.

Illustrator, lyricist, photographer, radio presenter, tattooist, serial-ideas-maker. A multifaceted artistic talent: Alan’s career in drawing began as a painter, but it was his wife who gave him the inspiration to create ‘pocket emotions‘. Hence his kisses were born. One led to another and then ideas led to other ideas.

His illustrations are sophisticated and lay bare the relationship with oneself. They are immediate, carrying the feeling even before they are understood. They speak of frailties, which we all have and want to keep hidden. They embarrass to remove embarrassment. For Alan, interaction and the concept of absorbing the viewer are fundamental. He loves to engage and communicate, in as many different forms as possible. His aim is to touch different areas and disorient the user, not to make him feel that he is necessarily the child of a message he has already grasped: he prefers the idea of being able to shift a balance.



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