Non solo parole. A guide to a shared culture




Valore D


“Non solo Parole” is a revolutionary initiative by Valore D, produced in collaboration with Feltrinelli Education and thanks to the contribution of Yoonik’s creative talents.

This guide is an exploration of shared culture through 15 key words, selected to read and understand tomorrow’s society. The project aims to outline a worldview that recognizes and celebrates diversity, promoting a culture of inclusion.


The project is the result of a collaboration between multidisciplinary talents, curated by writer Nadeesha Uyangoda and science divulgator Fabrizio Acanfora.

Artists from the Yoonik roster brought 15 fundamental concepts to life through the universal language of image, creating a dialogue between words and illustrations to challenge stereotypes and prejudices.

The diversity of artistic styles reflects the variety of topics covered, emphasizing how words shape our perception of the world and ability to imagine the future.


The “Non solo Parole” guide stands as an accessible and dynamic tool, available for download through the Valore D website.

It accompanies the association’s communication throughout the year 2024, enriching the discussion of the 15 key concepts with exclusive content.

In addition to offering definitions, examples, insights and instructions for use, the guide invites further exploration through reading and viewing tips, thus helping to build a more inclusive reality.

“Non solo Parole” takes the form, then, of much more than a glossary: it is a cultural compass for navigating the present and navigating toward a more equitable and diverse future.

Valore D is the first business association in Italy to promote gender balance and an inclusive culture in organizations and in the country.


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