Make it Real





Bringing products to life by unleashing creativity, without limits, towards the real thing. We did this with Teetaly, a new approach to product development and illustration itself.


The focus of the project and its campaign was to promote the possibility of bringing products to life and unleashing the creativity of artists, without the traditional limitations of the product sector.

A way of not letting the beauty, of an illustration for example, remain in computer archives or in the digital roll of photos. But that it comes to life and becomes tangible.

Hence the name of the concept: Make it Real.


In this very special project, to show the multi-faceted nature of the products and styles, we decided to involve 13 talents from the Yoonik roster.

Artists who, with ease and professionalism, were able to create their product directly on the Teetaly platform. The result is sensational: objects that tell of themselves, their passions, their way of reading reality.

A giving voice, through products that can be purchased by everyone, to their thoughts and the messages they want to communicate.


With the project, we simultaneously addressed three different targets:

to all illustrators who have always wanted to make their own merchandising, but did not know how;

to illustration lovers who already appreciate the illustrators on the Yoonik roster and can’t wait to have a piece signed by them;

to companies and all those who want to create something special without the constraints of a minimum order, perhaps even illustrated.

The launch of the project took place in three stages: a teaser moment thanks to the publication of some reels on instagram, a coordinated publication of the project on Yoonik’s and Teetaly’s social networks, and finally the sharing on Yoonik’s profile of all the products created, narrated by a photo shoot set and worn created ad hoc.

Teetaly is an Italian company specialising in print-on-demand. A simple and intuitive system to give shape to ideas and illustrations by creating customized products on demand. A revolution in the print-on-demand world, with no minimum order quantities, no storage costs and no unsold products. Sales are also direct and managed by the company, in two ways: by creating a dedicated store on the Teetaly platform or by linking an existing store on Shopify, Etsy, eBay, etc. A sustainable, Italian, accessible service.


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