Bottle as a Canvas





“Illustration is immediate, unambiguous, effective. Its high narrative and evocative capacities are able to immediately strike and amaze the observer, arousing strong emotions in him. In this way, the bottles tell a story, without the need for words.” – Arianna Morimando, Marketing Strategist, VETROelite.


The objective of this collaboration? To take illustration to a higher level, combining this type of art with packaging, communicating in a unique, original and unforgettable way.

The real challenge was to succeed in creating an unexpected dialogue between product and observer: we left the illustrators free to explore and give life, in their own way, to an artwork that would convey content and container.


Mattia Riami, Chiara Varotto and Juls Criveller worked on three of VETROelite’s iconic containers: a bottle from the world of spirits, one from the world of wine and a jar for honey.

The illustrators told the stories of these bottles with color, line and detail, without the need for words.

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The art of illustration has defined and characterized the graphic appearance of the packaging, giving strong personality to the product and reinforcing brand awareness.

An excellent tool to define and strengthen the product’s positioning, distinguishing it from the competition, increasing its attractiveness and arousing strong emotions in the observer.

Sensations that remain imprinted in the memory more than a thousand words, that remain over time.

VETROelite is a specialist in the world of high-end glass bottles. A great passion for this material, together with the experience gained over decades of activity, have made VETROelite much more than a supplier of glass packaging. VETROelite is the ideal partner for brands looking for unique, distinctive, customized packaging down to the smallest detail.


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