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Combining brand content with emotions is his magic power. His fun, joyful, colourful aesthetic introduces us to a journey of true introspection. His is not just satire, as it appears at first glance, it is an emotional depth made visible and usable by all, with newfound light-heartedness.

My illustration is never just illustration, I always enrich my creative content with text. For me, illustration means effective, direct communication that gets to the heart of the matter and involves the viewer in a mutual exchange of messages.

Timidessen was born during the 2020 pandemic. Being only able to go to the supermarket, Eugenio projected his emotions into the products he saw on the shelves, which became a kind of portal. His drawings are characterized by the humanization of objects and food, which he then uses as masks, a recurring element also in his performances. Following his need for growth, expansion and evolution, in 2022 he enriched his path with a major publishing project “Existential Driver’s Licence“: a way of making information, while entertaining.

His stroke is emotional, tremulous; his deep sensitivity also emerges in the way he draws. The aesthetic is very reassuring and essential, childlike and joyful, but at the same time communicates powerful messages that are not commonly conveyed in this way. This has led the illustrator to have a large audience, now a real close-knit community.



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