Silvia Bairo






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Beauty, Book, Corporate, Design, Editorial, Exhibition, Fashion, Figurative, Illustration, Lifestyle, Live Performance, Nature, Packaging, Store & Sets, Wall Art

Silvia Bairo is a multifaceted illustrator who transforms her curiosity, enthusiasm and passion into vibrant works. Her unique style, described as a mix of sensuality and poetry, transports viewers to exotic dream worlds.

“Creating for me is a journey into the unconscious, an experience of exploration and connection.”

Silvia Bairo draws in both digital and analog, capturing details and twisting perspectives. Her works often transport into fantastic worlds, where human figures are immersed in evocative, dreamlike atmospheres.

Silvia’s creations span fashion, architecture, beauty and travel, reflecting her passion for sustainability and the holistic world. Each stroke, digital or analog, recounts lived experiences and unique visions, making the invisible tangible and conveying a feeling of continuous travel.



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