Sara Paglia






#women #elegance #portraits


Beauty, Book, Caricature, Exhibition, Fashion, Illustration, Portrait, Product, Realistic

Romantic, melancholic, feminine, sensitive. She loves depicting women, flowers, nature, feelings and moods in general.

I love illustration because it is a universal language: without words, without constraints, without limits of age, nationality or gender. A form of art and communication that needs nothing but sight.

Her style tells and describes it: she uses hatching as the basis of the drawing, then colours with watercolors, in spots, decorating with drops or drips. This sketch mood conveys a sense of action, a certain gesturality.

Her works tell of everyday, sweet and nostalgic moments to which we all belong. Situations in which to find oneself and find oneself again. Little stories that arise from lines of ink and splashes of colour that unite so many people in the blink of an eye.



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