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With him, illustrations come to life and become animated projects. An evocative, unique and differentiating synthesis: the ability to reconstruct in a few minutes the stories of a life, the tale of so many people.

With illustration, I can show anything I want: I don’t have the constraints of realism, what I can imagine I can draw and then animate. Disproportions, absurdities, colors make the message or subject matter even more powerful, exciting, curious and memorable.

His style varies depending on the graphic design. As far as illustration is concerned, his characters are always small and the other objects in the drawing very disproportionate. Floral and botanical elements are often present. As far as motion graphics are concerned, his aim is to capture the attention and explain different themes in a short time with a dynamic and fresh language.

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Multifaceted and ductile: his aim is to communicate using the client’s language as much as possible, adapting his style to the client’s language. Illustration, motion graphics and graphic design: three distinct arts with which Stefano expresses his different styles, but each project is contaminated by the others and his technique, professionalism and flair can be recognised.



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