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Her illustrations are a natural extension of her imagination where irony and colors, reality and fantasy, different techniques coexist. A colourful concentrate to dive into and be carried away by.

And so the blank canvas becomes a space that holds my thoughts, gives them life, makes them visible. I place them here to get to know them in depth, to share them, to make them real as only illustration can.

Pollaz’ style does not go unnoticed and those who love it cannot do without it. She looks for it in every physical or digital medium, she wears it, she gives it away.

She loves to illustrate human figures, animals, nature and architecture, always mixing it all with her vivid imagination.

Her is an artistic journey in which she allows herself the beauty of being able to range and experiment using different techniques, discovering how an illustration can become so many different things. Sometimes all at once.

The secret of her style is her ability to always be original, dedicated to detail, unpredictable, with an unmistakable stroke, but above all in step with the times.

Her creations are very varied, the media countless, and we find her on paper, fabric, digital tools and much more.

She imagines with her mind, creates with her hands: she welcomes us into her colourful universe of imaginary friends and imaginative worlds.



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