Mattia Riami






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Book, Children's Book, Editorial, Figurative, Food, Magazine, Maps, Nature, Packaging, Product, Travel

Illustration conveys and communicates his experience, his inner language: Mattia Riami tells stories by interpreting and making the brand and its values his own.

Illustration for me is the highest form of communication: the themes I illustrate always become the focus of my gaze and my work. I want to create a world into which the observer can really enter.

For Mattia, illustration means being free, living a dream. It is strength and pride for having turned his passion into his work. It is a new form of art and communication, but also of study and discipline.

In Mattia Riami’s works, the dimension of the dream is recurrent, in the true sense of the word, but also the dream understood as desire: in his works we find some of the melancholy and nostalgia linked to the memories of his childhood. His style evolves with him, in a continuous search for a real language. In his illustrations he intersects his experience, his inner language, often seeking a humanitarian, social direction. He finds a connection with the user, leading him to a deep understanding of what lies behind his work. For each project, he starts from the brand, from its founding values, to tell something more.



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