Lucille Ninivaggi






#tattoo #urban #capsule


Beauty, Fashion, Graphic, Icons, Illustration, Lettering, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Social Media Content, Tattoo, Urban, Wall Art

Born under the zodiac sign Aries, Lucille calls herself a warrior of brushes and finds her voice in ink. With a dreamy and tireless heart, she transforms emotions into illustrated works and #tatuaggigentili that narrate the beauty and complexity of life.

I approached this world of illustration and tattoos in my own way: it allowed me to tell my story in order not to forget, for better or for worse.

Lucille’s stroke is a journey, at times melancholy and romantic, into the human soul. Passionate about aesthetics and patterns, Lucille shapes words through illustrations, capturing the emotions and beauty of the world around her.

Through the art of tattooing, she finds the freedom to tell her own story and share the beauty of life. She revisits the traditional style with bold lines that tell indelible stories.



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