Luca Di Bartolomeo






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Advertising, Animation, Beauty, Conceptual, Contemporary, Corporate, Digital, Editorial, Food, Gif, Illustration, Magazine, Packaging, Product, Sport, Technology

Thanks to a background in illustration and animation in Rome, Luca Di Bartolomeo has developed a refined aesthetic taste and explores multiple ways to express his innate creativity. His sources of inspiration? The right mix of music, Picasso, soccer and Pokemon cards.

To me, illustration is ‘robbba potente’, with 3 b.

His illustrative style is constantly metamorphosing, ranging from pop art to surrealist aesthetics. Luca skillfully uses bold colors to create artwork that conveys clear messages. He loves extremes, such as baroque art and cleanliness, and seeks a stimulating balance between different aesthetics.

Luca Di Bartolomeo finds joy in the association of ideas and the process of sketching and brainstorming. For him, illustration goes beyond the representation of a concept; it is an intrinsic form of expression.



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