Linea Daria






#irreverent #cinism #humor


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Today Linea Daria is a language, a brand, a project, a way of doing illustration. A multifaceted container that tells the essence of Anna, the artist, and of all those brands that will rely on her minimal but unmistakable stroke.

With Linea Daria I managed to find the right channel to express myself artistically, to express what I feel, think, want to tell. It is a change of course, apparently, that has made me grow a lot and above all has connected me to my alter ego: the most creative part of myself.

Her style is mainly characterized by the use of words, which stand out precisely because of her minimal calligraphy, as well as the images. Her illustrations are impactful, memorable, understandable and unconventional. They evoke feelings and memories, but above all they offer a narrative and a very ironic point of view.

Il nome d’arte vuole rappresentare la linea d’aria di cui tutti parlano quando vogliono descrivere una distanza in maniera più immediata di quello che è. La creazione del logo è stata anche la sua prima illustrazione: linee tratteggiate, un aereo in volo, la stilizzazione delle linee d’aria come simbolo della strada che l’hanno portata a conoscere la parte più creativa di se stessa.

The stage name is meant to represent the airline that everyone talks about when they want to describe a distance in a more immediate way than it is. The creation of the logo was also her first illustration: dotted lines, a plane in flight, the stylization of air lines as a symbol of the road that led her to the most creative part of herself.



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