La Fille Bertha






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Advertising, Beauty, Book, Caricature, Design, Editorial, Fashion, Illustration, Magazine, Mural, Nature, Packaging, Portrait, Product, Wall Art

“La Fille Bertha” began her journey in the world of illustration with this name, which over time has become the custodian of her poetics: her artistic adventure to date has been characterized by urban works and a personal, introspective, dreamlike and free approach.

I like the illustrations to have an undefined character and an ‘open’ point of view for those who watch it.

La Fille Bertha experiments with different techniques and mediums, creating works that oscillate between solid color and bold strokes. Color research and the bold use of patterns are an integral part of her expressiveness. Her style is versatile and rich in detail: her hand creates a fascinating visual world.

Illustrating is her personal way of telling stories and immersing viewers in an emotion or mood: she is deeply connected to the unconscious as a source of inspiration for her artistic research and production.



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