Ilaria Urbinati


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Beauty, Book, Children's Book, Comic, Design, Editorial, Fashion, Figurative, Illustration, Live Performance, Magazine, Portrait

Ilaria is an illustrator and graphic designer. She has also worked as a storyboarder, character designer and colourist for several TV series and animated films. She has published several books for children and young people and, as a great fan of graphic novels, she is the complete author of the works she writes and illustrates.

My great passions are drawing and watercolour; I love drawing, reading books and talking to people. I like to travel and observe everything around me because everything inspires my mind, everything tickles my artistic hand.

There is color and sweetness in Ilaria’s works, there is love and lightheartedness: flashes of everyday life and magical moments. The artist succeeds in the arduous task of stopping time, almost as if she wanted to suspend it in a parallel dimension. Her attentive eye and gentle soul give us small masterpieces characterized by this soft, comforting, watercolored stroke.

Her style originates from watercolors to become digital over time, a unique style that does not renounce those typical slow brushstrokes, wonderful blends and suggestive gradual nuances. The use of colors emphasizes a palette rich in harmony and sometimes contrasts; everything is thought out and studied down to the smallest detail to create a visual universe that invites the viewer to daydream.



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