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Advertising, Book, Comic, Conceptual, Editorial, Gif, Lettering, Magazine, Packaging, Social Media Content, Urban

Beatrice is a person with great empathy, she is eclectic and ironic; we also find these characteristics in her illustration work. A full manifestation of her being that finds visual and creative ways to connect with a multitude of people, naturally and memorably.

Illustrating is certainly a way for me to express myself, but above all to have fun. It has helped me find my place in the world, a place I enjoy and that makes me feel good. I am able to communicate in this way, without filters, but above all to be myself.

Her style is simple, linear and colorful. In all her creations there is irony and light-heartedness. An invitation not to take oneself too seriously, but also to live life with renewed lightness. Often her artwork is complemented by short texts that allow her to express, even more strongly, what the image already communicates. A winning dualism in the age of fast, immediate, intense content.

In terms of themes, she has a predilection for everything that is close to the feelings and microcosm of each person; she loves to give voice and graphic representation to important themes related to health, psychophysical wellbeing, and personal stories. She manages to deal lightly, but at the same time deeply, with simple and sympathetic episodes that characterize everyday life.



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