Giovanni Gastaldi


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Book, Business, Cartoon, Character design, Comic, Corporate, Editorial, Lettering, Live Performance, Magazine, Portrait, Realistic, Sport, Technology, Travel

Illustrator and cartoonist, Giovanni graduated from IED Turin in 2017 and lives in the hills and mountains of Piedmont. His works tell his worldview and focus on economics, politics, food and lifestyle. His stroke is always in search of perfection and is characterized by irony, lightness and simplicity.

My style is humorous, direct, simple and intuitive. I try to make my readers smile and feel that simple sense of ‘surprise’ when they find something funny and original.

For Giovanni Gastaldi, illustration is a tool to express his ideas and point of view, a superpower to be used with great responsibility. His personal motto, “Bogia nen“, reflects the determination, steadfastness, and resilience needed to face challenges with stubbornness.

Giovanni’s style skillfully mixes irony, humor, and directness. His illustrations are characterized by clean lines and vibrant colors, capturing the audience’s eye with a unique blend of lightness and originality. His ability to convey complex concepts through simple and immediate images makes him a versatile and popular artist.



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