Roby il Pettirosso


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Animation, Book, Caricature, Cartoon, Children's Book, Comic, Editorial, Exhibition, Family, Figurative, Live Performance, Nature, Portrait, Realistic

His illustration is a tool to express feelings and concepts that he could not share with words. An art form that starts from the heart and ends as a mark, drawn on paper. He has always been drawing and what he offers us today is truly a world in which we can take refuge and find serenity.

For me, illustration is to all intents and purposes a language; it allows me to express myself and above all to express certain feelings that would be trivially explained in words.

His stroke varies according to the situation and according to what it has to communicate; it is constantly researching and evolving. He goes from an essential style to a dark and realistic one. He senses when he needs to change his way of expressing himself, and waits for this change to become apparent in his art. Now that he lives in a small village in Trentino South Tyrol, he feels much more connected to people and nature, he feels that art is now really a spontaneous thing.

He describes himself as a reserved person, who does not like to appear. He talks about himself with filters, which can be the verse of a song or a quote, which he inserts into his illustrations. He has two very popular profiles on Instagram: “” and “; when asked why Vincent Van Gogh in particular, he replies: “In him I see a transparent person, who doesn’t hide his flaws and from whom I draw lessons because his reasoning is very contemporary.”



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