Due mani non bastano


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Two hands are not enough: how many times have we been told that? It also happened to this duo of graphic designers, whose style is characterized by careful research, attention to every detail, a bubbly and fun spirit … and the fact that yes, they work together since four hands are better than two.

What really excites and enthuses them are the deep study they employ for each project and the ability to always put themselves out there.

Illustration for us is a magnificent practice for telling what is seen, but more importantly what is not seen.

Two hands are not enough they are fond of themes involving nature, childhood and play, but their deep and open studio approach allows them to accommodate different projects and range in various fields.

This versatility allows them to always have a fresh and passionate approach, fueling in those who view and experience their illustrations a joyful curiosity and careful reflection.

The work of Two Hands Are Not Enough is characterized by a strong focus on composition, as well as the entire design process, from conception to production. Ilaria, part of the duo, prefers to start from geometric shapes, placing great care in the relationship between the shapes and the space of the sheet. This process begins with a precise and continuous construction and continues with a work of subtraction, aiming to create simple and deeply expressive images, capable of telling so much with a few essential strokes.



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