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Through her illustrations Chiara tries to compensate for images and thoughts that cannot be seen elsewhere. It is important to her to give a broad view of the different facets of reality. The themes she holds most dear are body positivity, fat acceptance, sustainability and veganism.

For my illustrations I use a fresh, pop, ironic style, with bright and contrasting colors as are the topics I have chosen to address. Fat acceptance and Body Positivity as we have never seen them: tremendously contemporary and unpredictable.

Illustration for Chiara is a beautiful way to express different concepts, sometimes even difficult to express and communicate, placing the emphasis in an exclusive, interesting, engaging way. She does this by creating immediate content, which does not leave too much room for the imagination, but allows for a profound re-elaboration on the part of the viewing user.

The visual characteristics of the stroke also testify to this freshness and irony. Chiara defines her style as pop, full of bright, strong, often contrasting colors and the representation of female figures. Over time she has built a strong bond with her community: people recognize themselves in her, in her values and thoughts.



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