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Illustration for Allissand is an open dialogue, a wide-open door to the depths of the reality that surrounds us. A unique opportunity for evolution and awareness.

I draw because for me it is almost a necessity, it is a kind of natural instinct. Primordial. I find it a great way to communicate and to convey something to those who see my illustrations.

Alessandra Bruni, aka Allissand, looks for constant stimuli to illustrate, absorbing as much as possible from her surroundings. She loves to create works that go beyond taboos, that speak of emotions, relationships, even of an erotic nature. Her inclination and openness to dialogue and the sharing of ideas often leads her to tackle even subjects that can be a sore point: some of her artwork in fact aims to make people reflect, others simply try to make them escape for a while.

Alessandra devotes herself to conceptual and immediate illustrations with the aim of communicating directly to the viewer. They are simple illustrations, she uses few colors, complementary to each other. There is a lot of synthesis work. She uses a universal language to try to get the images to any person anywhere. She seeks in drawing its provocative function.



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