Vanessa Farano


#cuteness #3dimension #puppets


3D, Animation, Cartoon, Character design, Children's Book, Contemporary, Digital Technique, Gif, Icons, Pattern, Render, Urban

The 3D technique characterizes her works: she loves to draw childlike characters and nature with its flora and fauna. She is very attached to issues such as climate change, mental health and transfeminism and sees illustration as a way of raising awareness and empathy.

Illustration is a need and a means to reinterpret reality, making it sweeter. The characters I invent, the worlds I sketch, transport me to places far removed from my everyday life. I explore, imagine, express myself and share my vision of the world.

Her technique combines the worlds of 3D and 2D; this creative approach offers depth and dimension to the illustrations, merging three-dimensional elements with the possibilities of two-dimensional drawing. Clean, well-structured compositions complement her strokes, bringing order and visual balance.

Her illustrative style is characterized by the depiction of characters with soft lines, the use of natural elements and young women. The main characters, with their round shapes, evoke a feeling of gentleness; the choice to use pastel colors further amplifies this aesthetic.



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