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Her illustrations are as unpredictable as the candies that come out of candy bowls, as colorful and pop as the world she draws. A vintage and nostalgic vein lulls the observer with unexpected sweetness.

For me, illustration is a way to get closer to others, a language that allows me to communicate and be understood by anyone. In a continuous exchange of insights, thoughts and positive energy.

Supercandystudio’s name comes from one of Alessia’s passions: collecting candy bowls, those typical candy containers from which when you choose to take one, you never know which one might come out. This aspect also translates into the unpredictability of her work and the versatility of the projects she decides to undertake.

Her illustrations are born to be applied to different product sectors: food & beverage, packaging, fashion, cosmetics and more. Digital, advertising, analogue, entertainment, each field will find its declination in Alessia’s colorful, playful, sugary world.



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