Marco Melgrati






#dystopian #digitalart #futuristic


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He loves sketching in notebooks and on sketch pads, he lives illustration as an experience to go beyond what’s known. His work of research and experimentation is continuous and ends in a visual content, but starts much earlier in his mind.

For me, illustration is a drawing, an image that makes manifest an idea, a concept, a thought. It is telling a story in visual form, going beyond the classical boundaries of language and words.

We could define his style as conceptual, minimal, simple and clean. Everything revolves around the idea that generates the concept to be represented. His visual language captures us with a reasoned and well-balanced use of tones and elements; a few contrasting elements define the key points. He usually does not use contour lines, shapes are given by color contrasts and chiaroscuro. He loves textures that he applies sometimes in a marked manner, at other times making them almost imperceptible.

A multifaceted artist, he allows himself to be inspired and carried away by continuous personal work, done in his spare time: a way of continuing to experiment with different, unusual and sometimes unexpected solutions and approaches. It is precisely on these occasions that he paints with traditional techniques such as tempera, acrylic and oil paints, resulting in hand-painted versions of his digital illustrations.



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