Juls Crivellèr






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Beauty, Book, Editorial, Fashion, Graphic, Infographics, Lettering, Logo, Magazine, Maps, Packaging, Pattern, Store & Sets, Typography, Wall Art

She has made letters her hallmark, her previous work her analytical view of projects. Juls is eclectic, multifaceted, unpredictable.

Illustration is my starting point, it connects me to what I have always done and what I have always enjoyed doing.

Juls è da sempre legata al mondo del disegno: il suo stile è pulito e raffinato. Alcune delle sue illustrazioni sono calligrafiche, realizzate con il pennino e poi scansionate. Le altre sue opere le disegna in digitale: il tone voice delle sue illustrazioni è “romantico, ma non troppo zuccheroso.”

Juls has always been connected to the world of drawing: her style is clean and refined. Some of her illustrations are calligraphic, done with a pen and then scanned in. Her other works she draws digitally: the tone voice of her illustrations is ‘romantic, but not too sugary‘.

Juls loves textiles, patterns on fabrics, fashion in general. But also food, packaging, stationery and brand identity. She also has a passion for everything related to special and limited edition projects.



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