Il Tela






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Animal, Contemporary, Fashion, Gif, Graphic, Icons, Illustration, Lettering, Packaging, Pattern, Product, Sport, Tattoo, Travel, Urban, Wall Art

The potential of black and white explodes in his compositions full of almost imperceptible details. Before drawing, he imagines giving movement to the composition, telling a story. His graphics come alive with the product: it is a living narrative that takes shape in the flow of the hand on the sheet.

If I don’t create and draw I feel that something is missing. For me the most important thing is to draw; the world is a canvas to be painted and I don’t want to miss a single chance.

Despite using only one color, his illustrations are rich in detail. The choice of black and white was a choice born out of necessity, but one that allowed him to find his true style: graphic, yet realistic. He uses sharp lights and shadows and although he lacks colors, his drawings are rich in nuances. He draws everything by hand, with ink and brush, and then digitizes and corrects the illustration. If necessary, he also enriches with spot colors.

Andrea wants to apply his illustration making to different products; he is fascinated by the world of fashion, primarily streetwear, but also has a passion for cycling and motors. He also cares a lot about the environment and fauna: in his works we often find beautiful animals represented.



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