Icaro Tuttle






#genZ #mentalhealth #introspection


Animation, Cartoon, Comic, Cultural Diversity, Digital Technique, Gif, Lettering, Magazine, Social Media Content, Urban

What led her to become an illustrator was the publication of her first book. A university project that allowed her to put herself on the line by doing something she had never done before: illustrating a comic strip. An opportunity that established her total connection with the world of illustration.

By illustrating I am able to process and externalize what I live inside. I can express myself as never before and connect with all those who are looking for a message, a cue, another look at the world.

Her illustrations have an introspective and almost surreal character in some aspects. The colors she mainly uses are acid and create a stagnant atmosphere. Her works are cathartic: her aim is to be able to trigger reactions in the viewer.

Icaro is very attached to themes such as mental health and current affairs. When these become the subject of illustrations, the connection with users is even greater: an almost non-verbal exchange of thoughts. A way of dealing with important topics, with the delicacy of her (unmistakable) stroke.



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